Fitrrati is a cloud based and data driven fit technology enterprise solution for fashion brands and e-tailers. It offers various features for more personalization, better targeting, improved business metrics and enhanced shopping experience


Shoppers get size recommendation and fit details in 45 seconds


Recommendations based on big data technology and proven algorithms


Adaptive Learning Engine learns and corrects from individual user feedback

Easy to integrate

Technology can be easily integrated with online retailers with customization

Brand Data

Thousands of size charts across 600+ top fashion brands in India

Cloud based Platform

Multi-tenant data architecture, Highly scalable, Public & private cloud

Brands on Fitrrati's platform

List of brands present on Fitrrati's Size Data Platform

If you are a fashion brand or a retailer who would like to associate with Fitrrati

Fitrrati For Fashion Brands & Online Retailers

Fitrrati acts as a guided tool for online shoppers which offers various advantages for fashion e-tailers

New Online Users

Activate non-shoppers with increased confidence in online shopping

Increase Conversion

Accelerate active shoppers by turning browsers into buyers

Reduce Return Rate

Decrease in logistics cost with reduced returning items due to size related issues


Showcase and target users with only best fitting, in-stock styles

Inventory Planning

Better size inventory planning and management for repeat shoppers

Customer Engagement

Provide 'Virtual Fitting Room' experience to users and improve engagement on the portal


User Size Profiles

# of total size profiles created (Body Measurement or Favorite Clothing)

0 million+

Size Recommendations

# of recommendations served by Fitrrati platform


User Engagement

% of users who created profile after clicking on Fitrrati feature


'Buy Now' Conversion

% of users who clicked on 'Buy Now' in Fitrrati widget


India's first cloud based and data driven Fit Personalization Technology Enterprise Solution offers exciting features to online shoppers of fashion brands and e-tailers

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Fitrrati 'Check My Size' feature on e-tailer's website

Media Coverage

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The duo who found a fitting solution

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Our team

Fitrrati.com is a group of passionate professionals working towards providing a confident shopping experience for online fashion shoppers in India.

Amit Monga
Amit Monga
CEO & Co-founder
Esportsbuy.com Snapdeal Collectabillia IIT Delhi
Durai Balusamy
Durai Balusamy
CTO & Co-founder
Zoohara.com Groupon Yahoo CEG Chennai
Sahil Narula
Sahil Narula
Software Engineer
Alfa Infinity VIT University, Vellore
Taranveer Singh
Taranveer Singh
Data Scientist
NextOrbit VIT University, Vellore
Ali Dasdan
Ali Dasdan
Turn Ebay Yahoo PhD Data Scientist

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